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Linux vs Unix

By Prosa Labs
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Go to documents page to read about the installation procedure and much more.

The official ftp site of etlinux is:

Mirror ftp sites are:

If you can provide other mirror, we would appreciate it.

Prosa sell a CD with all the etlinux stuffs and documentation which can be sent via snail-mail to those who request it. The payment use paypal: if you prefer other methods just send an email to [email protected] . The fee will only cover Prosa expenses and hopefully fund new etlinux development. Warning : these are not products, it's only a service Prosa provide for people who prefer not to download EtLinux from the net; there are no fancy manuals, no professional printed CD or tech support options available. If you think that these options would be good, just drop a mail to: [email protected] .

Fresh CD
10$ + shipping
Fresh CD plus manual
15$ + shipping
Simple donation
A burnt-on-demand CD with etlinux sources and binary packages, plus documentation and tools. A burnt-on-demand CD with etlinux sources and binary packages, plus documentation and tools. Included is a printed version of the documentation. Donating will fund etlinux development.

Attention VISA/Mastercard owners : if you want to buy the etlinux CD without using Paypal you can go here . This version is slightly different, printed by a professional company. This will be the default methods in a few days!

FTP site map

Installation instructions for etlinux 1.2, mantained by Marco Pantaleoni
Readme file for general etlinux information
etlinux distribution for libc5 and kernel 2.0.38
Requires 2Mb of RAM and 2Mb of disk space.
Mantained by Alessandro Rubini
etlinux 1.1 readme file
Precompiled etlinux 1.1 packages
Sources for etlinux 1.1 packages
Tarball of etlinux-1.1-pkg directory
Tarball of etlinux-1.1-src directory
etlinux distribution for glibc (libc6) and kernel 2.0.38 (and 2.2 in a near future). Currently requires 4Mb of RAM. Officially recommended and actively developed version.
Installation instructions for etlinux 1.2
etlinux 1.2 readme file
Precompiled etlinux 1.2 packages
Sources for etlinux 1.2 packages
Tarball of etlinux-1.2.1-pkg directory
Tarball of etlinux-1.2.1-src directory
Patches required in order to compile an etlinux specific kernel
Flash-able etlinux root filesystem
etlinux development tools
etlinux Integrated Development Environment. An easy-to-use GUI frontend to etlinux package handling and image build process. Automatically tracks dependencies between packages and allows for easy configuration of build parameters. Co-authored by Marco Pantaleoni and Davide Barbieri.
Old unsupported stuff.

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