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Linux vs Unix

By Prosa Labs
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Alessandro Rubini, one of the authors of EtLinux and the current mantainer, defined a roadmap for development of EtLinux. This list has been updated in August 2002; items marked as "[done]" are in the CVS tree for etlinux-1.1-devel .

For etlinux-1.1.2 we would like to have:

  • [done] documentation!
  • [done] makefile semplification (directory tools/)
  • [done] package dependencies
  • [done] user configurable package selection, in order to delete, replace or modify packages
  • [done] more packages from the same sources
  • [done] use native glibc as an option
  • [done] compile for ARM if cross-compilers are there (but glibc is not recompiled)
  • [done] remove obsolete disk-on-chip
  • busybox, for all missing packages
  • gdbserver to debug the target
  • [done] support kernel 2.0, 2.2, 2.4
  • publish patch to reduce 2.0 and 2.2 (not 2.4)
  • publish sample configurations for kernels
  • use grub instead of lilo (i386-only)
  • boot-tiny-floppy already built with ramdisk (i386)


  • multilibrary (libc5 for x86, glibc-2.1, 2.2, uclibc)
  • multiplatform with compilation of everything from source (x86, arm, ppc, possibly others)
  • snmp and more
  • possibly X and/or microwindows

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